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BoBee is sustainability's champion!

BoBee makes phone sustainability possible

As early as 2017, we explored the question of whether it was possible to disassemble smartphones, recover parts, and then repair or refurbish other smartphones. We studied the scientific literature about the approximately 70 raw ingredients required to make a smartphone and were alarmed by the poor working conditions and pollution these materials were extracted in. With the launch of BoBee, we demonstrate that industrial recovery of spare parts is not only technically feasible but also presents an opportunity from an economic and ecological standpoint.

Let’s just compare, shall we ?


New Phone

70 kgs
raw materials extracted
  • Used only 18 months.
  • Child labor and trafficking.
  • Pollution and radioactivity.
  • 4 trips around the world.
  • Planned obsolescence.

Refurbished Phone

35 kgs
raw materials extracted
  • Extends phone's lifespan but not by much.
  • Often compatible spare parts of lesser quality.
  • New components made of raw materials.
The MOST sustainable

Revalued Phone

0 kgs
raw materials extracted
  • Really extends smartphone's lifespan.
  • Original highest quality recycled spare parts.
  • No new materials used to repair or refurbish phones.

Reducing ecological impact

A brand-new smartphone generates an average of 85 kilograms in emissions in its first year of use. Ninety-five percent of this comes from manufacturing processes, including the extraction of raw materials and shipping.

Because manufacturing accounts for almost all of a smartphone's carbon footprint, extending its lifetime is the single most crucial factor that would minimize a smartphone's carbon impact. There may still be the same number of smartphones in use; the only difference is that each smartphone would be used for a longer period of time, regardless of the number of individual owners of each smartphone over its lifetime.

Going the extra mile

The Lepineau Group attracts talents because of fair and good working conditions and thanks to its sustainability commitment. We believe in giving as many tools as we can to our employees, so that we can be the most efficient and creative. We often organize seminars where everyone gathers to propose new innovative ideas that are beneficial to us and to the planet.

We are extremely careful on our daily consumption, and do our best to keep it as low as possible. As we are committed to keep our environment clean and safe, we believe that it is also our role to do the efforts to make a difference. We designed BoBee for this purpose, with the intention of significantly decreasing the environmental effect of smartphones.

Be part of the BoBee adventure and join the industry 4.0.

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