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Simple and

Effective HMI

A Flexible


A Team of Experts

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Increase your productivity.

We offer you a suitable solution to optimize your capacity to repair smartphones.

Repairs all types of smartphones

BoBee repairs numerous models (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc…) and recovers valuable and functional components.

Adaptable to your factory

Installation with minimal disruptions, ensuring smooth continuity of your ongoing operations. 

Suitable to your needs

Our robotic solution is capable of rapid expansion with the simple addition of robots to meet your evolving needs.

Optimized for Productivity

Fast and accurate, our solution dismantles a complete smartphone in just a few minutes, from unscrewing the first screws to removing the motherboard. Equipped with high-performance tools to adapt to different models, our technology allows you to increase your capacity while ensuring optimal service quality.

Evolves with the Market

BoBee is constantly evolving to integrate new models arriving on the market. Thanks to the new dismantling programs created and our AI, the entire BoBee network is automatically updated. Thus, your robots are always up to date with your needs and the smartphone market.

Non Destructive

BoBee was designed to perform meticulous repair operations, such as removing a back glass or flex cables. Before being dismantled, each smartphone undergoes a complete diagnosis, thus identifying functional parts from non-functional ones. Each functional part is then reusable after dismantlement.

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For intellectual property reasons, we do not display images of our solution here. We’ll be happy to show it to you in action during a discussion about your project.

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Our solution

  • Increase your productivity:
    Our robotic solution dismantles and repairs smartphones in a non-destructive way. It was specifically designed to increase your productivity while improving your smartphone repair process.

  • Adapts to your factory:
    Our solution was designed for rapid installation in your factory, while ensuring smooth continuity of your ongoing operations. It can also quickly scale up in response to the growth of your processing volumes through the integration of additional robots.

  • Experts in the field:
    We are true experts in the repair and refurbishing of smartphones, with our company, Cash and Repair, a leader in smartphone repair in France. The idea for BoBee was inspired by the challenges we faced within this company. With a thorough understanding of industry demands and requirements, we are well placed to offer you a quality service suited to your needs.

  • Better ergonomics at work:
    Our goal also includes improving the well-being of your employees. Dismantling and repairing smartphones throughout the day can be physically demanding, plus the monotony of repeating the same tasks becomes alienating. Our robotics solution diversifies the range of tasks your operators perform, incorporating less physical activities. This innovation not only reduces the significant need for labor, but also contributes to a healthier and more engaging work environment for your team.

Be part of the BoBee adventure and join the industry 4.0.

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