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Refurbished phones and robotics

Refurbishing smartphones aims at selling top-notch used smartphones to customers at a lower price. But nowadays, refurbished smartphones are often repaired with lesser quality compatible spare parts. The phone works but for how long, the screen lights up but does it display the same colors as an original one ? Using robotics in refurbishing phones allows to use second-hand original components that are 100% functional and will last ! 

Why do we consider refurbishing phones a good idea ?

Refurbishing smartphones is the process of taking a used or damaged device and restoring it to a like-new condition. This can involve a variety of tasks, such as replacing broken parts, cleaning and sanitizing the device, and updating the software. The goal is to bring it up to the same standards as a new device, so that it can be sold at a reduced price.

One of the main benefits of refurbishing smartphones is that it can make newer, high-end devices more accessible to a wider range of people. But refurbishing also helps reduce electronic waste and the environmental impact of constantly replacing devices with new ones.

The most ecological phone isn’t even a refurbished phone because of the new lesser quality compatible components used in it. The best solutionis the REVALUED phone : refurbished with second-hand original high quality spare parts. That’s what BoBee recovers !

Benefits of robotics in refurbishing phones

Robotics have a big role to play in the refurbishing process, now and tomorrow. Already, robotics and automation systems can be used for tasks such as testing and cleaning/sanitizing. Recycling robots can also be used to automate repetitive tasks like dismantling smartphones and that’s what BoBee does.

This dismantling operation can have 2 goals actually :

  • Recover original high quality spare parts to refurbish/repair phones,
  • Sort out different parts composed of different materials to recycle them and take out valuables like gold, and so on.

Apple created a series of robots (Daisy, Liam, Dave…) in the last few years to dismantle crudely their iPhones and recycle them. But those robots are not designed for refurbishing or extracting functional parts. Everything in the iPhone is shattered and battered, nothing functional is saved. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to create BoBee, so that a robotic solution could carefully dismantle any model of smartphone and recover functional parts to be reused.

Remember our sustainability page and its diagram with environmental cost of new / refurbished / revalued phones ?

Using robots to refurbish smartphones

We have no doubt our technological endeavour is a first major step in transforming e-waste into new durable revalued phones. We’re currently taking further steps with AI and data to use robots to refurbish phones from A to Z. Automated recovering of phone spare parts is now a reality, we intend to make automated refurbishment the next one !

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