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A World Premiere

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A New way to

recycle Phones

An all-in-one


A Team of Experts

at your side

The future is here.

Dismantle any model of smartphone

BoBee dismantles all models (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi…) and recovers valuable and functional components.

In 5 minutes

Fast and precise, BoBee needs only 5 min on average to completely dismantle a smartphone.

Create your line of BoBee

To increase your capacity, you have the ability to build a next-generation disassembly lines with several BoBee.

Optimized for Productivity

Fast and precise, BoBee dismantles a complete smartphone in 5 minutes on average (from unscrewing the first screws to removing the motherboard). For perfect adaptability to different models, BoBee has many tools that are as precise as they are efficient. This device also allows you to switch from one model to another instantly.

Evolves with the Market

BoBee can dismantle the vast majority of existing smartphone models and is constantly evolving to integrate new models arriving on the market. When a new dismantling program is created, it is automatically transferred to all the BoBee robots in the world. So your robots are always up to date with your needs and the smartphone market.

Non Destructive

BoBee was designed to do precise and meticulous dismantling tasks such as removing a rear glass or cables. Each smartphone is carefully diagnosed before being dismantled, allowing the functional parts to be identified from the non-functional parts. Each functional part is therefore reusable after BoBee dismantled them.

Key figures

0 years
of research and development.
0 %
cut on the final costs.
smartphones dismantled per year.

Our robotic solution

BoBee is the first non-destructive phone dismantling robot in the world. As a result of 3 years of R&D, it is designed to carry out high-precision and fast operations in a safe all-in-one cell composed of :

  • 6-axis robot
  • Specific embedded tools :
      • Connected intelligent unscrewer
      • Magnetic screw remover
      • SIM-card drawer remover
      • Unclipping tools
  • Automated guided vehicules
  • Connection to diagnostic tool
  • Advanced Human-Machine Interface
  • All-in-one cell with operator control (4 m²)

Be part of the BoBee adventure and join the industry 4.0.

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